TMAP: Upgrade for high-performance IT delivery (English)

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Training price
725 (ex. BTW)
Training speaking language
English (taal van de training)
Training duration
1 day (trainingsduur)
Training material language
English (taal van het materiaal)
Number of course participants
12 (maximaal per docent)

TMAP®: Upgrade for high-performance IT-Delivery (Online)

In today’s IT world cross-functional teams are expected to deliver business value with the right quality at speed. TMAP® supports this new way of working towards built-in quality which goes beyond just testing.

This training course provides a knowledge upgrade for high-performance IT delivery team members (such as in DevOps and Scrum teams) that already have knowledge of and experience with TMAP.

This training course is based on the book “Quality for DevOps teams” and the TMAP body of knowledge on

Course outline

During this upgrade training course the participants (that already have knowledge on quality engineering at the level of a TMap Suite certificate) will get a practical overview of the following QA&testing subjects:

  • The VOICE model for achieving business value by IT delivery
  • IT delivery models
  • DevOps and continuous quality engineering
  • The whole-team approach and relevance for Dev and Ops people
  • QA & testing topics (both organizing and performing)
  • Continuous everything and CI/CD pipeline
  • Total cost of quality and test automation
  • Indicators, reporting and alerting
  • Quality measures and skills
  • Test varieties
  • Test design (experience-based testing and coverage-based test design techniques)

The participants will learn some theory and get experience in practical exercises. Furthermore, there will be ample time for sharing experiences amongst all participants.

Target audience

This training course is for people working in high-performance IT delivery teams (such as DevOps and Scrum).Apart from this, this training course is aimed at people that have a working knowledge of and experience with quality engineering and TMAP®, and preferably hold a TMAP certification.

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