Performance Engineering Tuning

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5 days (trainingsduur)
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NobleProg & Performance engineering


Introduction to Performance testing

  • Performance testing life cycle.
  • Performance test results interpretation.



  • Basic UNIX commands (grep, find, vi editor etc)
  • Basic Oracle/SQL (Queries, Tables, Triggers etc)
  • Basic C/Java concepts


Detailed Analysis - Monitoring concepts/Tools

  • Hardware Monitoring (Windows -Perfmon, UNIX -nmon, vmstat)
    • Run queue (Average processor queue length)
    • Network IO
    • Disk IO
    • Memory (Available, Used, Paging space, FS Cache etc)
    • CPU (Available, virtual, online, entitled etc)
  • Web Server/App Server Monitoring
    • JVM (Java heap) -heap dump analysis
    • Connection Pool
    • Thread Pool
  • Understanding of various monitoring tools like CA Wily Introscope, IBM Tivoli etc.
  • DataBase Monitoring
    • Basic query tuning
    • SQL Trace
    • AWR or Statspack analysis
    • Query plan
  • Understanding of Bandwidth, FTP
  • Understanding of Network Monitoring using HTTPwatch or Fiddler



  • Understanding of Databases like Oracle.
  • Understanding of Application containers like WebSphere or Weblogic etc.
  • Understanding of programming languages like Java.
  • Knowledge of Performance testing.
  • Knowledge of SQL



  • Prestatietesters
  • Performance Engineers
  • Ontwikkelaars die hun carrière als Performance Architects willen laten groeien.

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