Introduction to Java for Test Automation

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Training price
2.975 (ex. BTW)
Training speaking language
English (taal van de training)
Training duration
3 days (trainingsduur)
Training material language
English (taal van het materiaal)

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NobleProg & Java

This instructor-led, live training is designed for anyone interested in learning Java for the purpose of test automation. It is a streamlined, intensive course with plenty of hands-on exercises to get participants ramped up quickly with the essential programming skills needed to apply to software automation testing. The focus is on the Java fundamentals which can be directly and immediately applied to test automation.

This course does not cover in depth test automation frameworks such as Selenium. It also bypasses the conventional "Hello World" approach to learning Java, as this is not a course on application development. This course is squarely aimed at getting participants up and running quickly with test automation.


  • An interest in learning Java programming for the purpose of test automation.


  • Beginner testers who wish to learn Java for automation testing
  • Professional testers with experience in other programming language such as Javascript and C# who wish to transfer their skills to Java

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