Visualization for testing teams

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Visualization for testing teams

To deliver quality as a team, knowledge of digital techniques, developments and test knowledge is of course necessary. But what will become increasingly important are communication skills: being able to explain what quality means, how you can test smart by working together, so that quality becomes a real team effort. In practice, that turns out to be quite difficult, to say the least. Visualization can help: using images in combination with text to really make clear what is meant and thus get to the core of an issue.

This training gives you the tools to use visualization in your own organization or team so that the value of quality and testing becomes clear to everyone.

What will you learn?

You learn the basic skills of visualization: drawing, visual thinking and visual communication. For this you will receive concrete tools to use visualization and thus turn your work into a team fortress: visual working methods, templates and many tips.

What are you going to do?

After a short intro, we set to work through a visual brainstorm with the question when testing is a team effort. Subsequently, participants are given the basics of visual communication: how do you draw again? We will work with basic shapes and text. The basics are followed by tips on creating templates and visually 'taking notes'. Participants work in groups to put ideas from the brainstorm on paper, in order to show the results to the groups.

Because we use examples from our own quality and test experience in combination with our visualization experience, participants go home with concrete tools for their own practice.

What prior knowledge do you need?

Work experience as a tester or as an IT specialist in a development team is an advantage.

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is aimed at software development teams.


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