TMap Suite Test Engineer


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1.495 (ex. VAT)
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English on request (training language)
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3 days (training duration)
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12 (max. per lecturer)

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TMap® Suite Test Engineer

TMap® has been Sogeti's leading testing approach since 1995. By continuously responding to changing organizations and technologies, TMap has evolved into the TMap® Suite. The TMap® Suite is the knowledge base for professional testing of today and tomorrow. The components of our TMap® Suite offer all possibilities to meet the test challenges of our time, both in waterfall and in Agile environments.

This training focuses specifically on test development.

What are you going to learn?

During this three-day training you will learn to test quality-driven, effective and efficient with the TMap® Suite. You will learn the core concepts of TMap® HD (Human Driven) and how TMap® HD together with TMap NEXT® and the website forms the TMap® Suite.

After following this training:

  • Can you indicate which 4 elements of TMap® HD form the basis for the all-transcending 5th element 'Trust';
  • Can you indicate the importance of building blocks in the application of the TMap® Suite;
  • Do you know how the elements relate to the building blocks;
  • You can apply various building blocks in practice, including test design, test varieties, test tools and test activities;
  • You have insight into how you can apply (parts of) TMap® HD and/or TMap NEXT® and/or individually or in combination in your current and future assignments.

Can you take the exam?

The exam is not part of this training. It is possible to take an exam with us or to order an exam voucher from us to take the exam at a later time. You can order a voucher for TMap® Suite Test Engineer here and an exam at our location here.

Do you want to be extra well prepared for the exam? This can be done by following our exam training. During this training, the exam material is summarized again, you have plenty of space to ask your questions and take a practice exam. You can register here for the TMap® Suite Test Engineer exam training.

Who is this training suitable for?

The training is intended for Testers and novice Test Coordinators. In addition, the training is suitable for anyone who has to deal with testing and who wants to know more about TMap® HD and the benefits of the TMap® Suite.

Also available as e-learning!

Prefer to learn at home on the couch? By means of the interactive e-learning TMap® Suite Test Engineer you can prepare for the TMap® Suite Test Engineer exam. This e-learning, made up of several modules, deals with theory in a dynamic way. The modules use, among other things, videos, pictures and quizzes to check knowledge. The e-learning TMap® Suite offers the familiar elements from TMap NEXT®, such as the toolbox and the phasing model. This is complemented by the quality-driven testing approach for Agile organizations from TMap® HD. The Building Blocks from round it off. You will learn how to test in a structured, effective and efficient way, especially in Agile / Scrum and DevOps environments. The e-learning covers all parts required for the EXIN TMap® Suite Test Engineer exam.

Click here for the e-learning

Can I help you?

Jasper van den udenhout
Manager Sogeti Academy
Phone number: +31 88 660 6650


"A good experience and clear explanation." 
- Rémy (December 2019)

"Very good and substantively strong and a lot of professional knowledge. Nice examples from practice" 
- Redmar (Oktober 2020)