TMAP: Quality Engineering for SAP

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TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP

TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP is the new training for professionals responsible for testing and implementing SAP systems and to give teams the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve quality ownership.

What are you going to learn?

The training TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP takes the participants through the Quality Engineering issue of how best to test a SAP project.
It is a combination of TMAP topics that have been developed and deepened specifically for SAP.
What is SAP and what does a SAP project look like, which stakeholders all play a role in an SAP environment.

The dynamics, size and different interests are discussed. How do you approach SAP testing now and where are the most risks?
The SAP Quality Risk Analysis explains how you can identify and qualify risks.
How does this risk analysis contribute to the SAP Test Strategy and which Test Techniques best suit these risks for testing and how this is all incorporated in an SAP Test Plan.

The participants are included in SAP test processes, selecting a good SAP test management tool and SAP test automation tool and how they can work together.
How is progress reported and what indicators are involved? What is the importance of good performance in SAP using performance testing?

After completing the TMAP®: Quality Engineering for SAP training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize what different SAP products and services are;
  • Recognize what SAP projects look like;
  • apply TMAP test techniques for SAP processes;
  • Contribute to the SAP Quality Risk Analysis and know the relationships between the risks, test strategy, test design and test execution;
  • Independently prepare and execute test cases for SAP;
  • Sharing insight into different test processes and test (automation) tools for SAP projects

Who is this training suitable for?

This training, consisting of 2 consecutive days, is mainly intended for key users, business users, and SAP operation and maintenance teams.
These are the people most often involved in testing and deploying new or modified versions of SAP systems and involved in the adoption process.

What prior knowledge do you need?

No specific prior knowledge is required to follow this training.

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