Testing in an Agile Environment


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1.295 (ex. VAT)
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English on request (training language)
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Training duration
2 days (training duration)
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English on request (material language)
Number of course participants
12 (max. per lecturer)

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Testing in an Agile Environment

You come across Agile software development everywhere these days. But how do you maintain quality when the delivery speed is required to increase? And what do you do in terms of documentation? During the Testing in Agile environment training you will learn how to test effectively in an Agile environment and which skills you need to do so. In addition, you will receive practical tips on how to properly design Agile test processes in your own practice.

What will you learn?

During the training we will switch between theory and assignments around an interesting practical case. After completing this training you will know the following:

  • what is meant by testing;
  • why testing is needed;
  • what testing yields;
  • where testing fits in;
  • what structured testing is and why it is so important;
  • how to test in an agile environment in a structured way.

Who is this training suitable for?

You are a user who is involved in a software development process and are told to test this? Or you are active in an Agile team but have never done anything with software testing. But now you are also expected to test. Then this training is for you!

Can I help you?

Jasper van den udenhout
Manager Sogeti Academy
Phone number: +31 88 660 6650