Test Automation fundamentals

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Test Automation fundamentals

Test automation is essential to get the fast feedback that is needed in today's Agile world. But how to approach and set up test automation is very context-dependent. A tool alone does not guarantee success.

During this training we use a tool as a basis for a number of fundamental principles around test frameworks, test automation within Agile and the organization around it. This enables the student and his or her team to make informed choices about test automation.

What will you learn?

In this training a tool is introduced through hands-on exercises. Students gain experience with scripting and experience the challenges that this entails. The initial script quickly appears to require a lot of maintenance when changes are made, and that is where the complexity begins. Together with the teacher, the students go through changes to the script to make it reusable and maintainable, while theory will be given about how and why these are meaningful changes. The role of test automation within Agile is discussed and the relationship between test automation and other activities.

The emphasis is on frameworks. A framework aims to organize the code, make it reusable and facilitate maintenance. But what is such a framework, and how is it set up? After the training, the student understands the principles on which a good framework is built. Students become aware of challenges, learn to avoid common errors and gain insight into what is needed to set up test automation properly. This not only helps to find direction in the profession of tool engineer, but also to hold discussions with team members about the approach and the desired result.

What are you going to do?

During this training we look at the necessary foundation for a successful implementation of test automation. We use a tool such as Selenium, UFT or SoapUI.

The training consists of the following components:

  • Introduction to the different trends within test automation
  • Basic knowledge of the tool, eg Record & Playback or website management (with practice)
  • Data-driven scripting (with practice)
  • Introduction layer model for test automation as a framework for making data-driven
  • Dealing with variation in test scripts (with practice)
  • Verification (with practice)
  • Introduction to tool-specific options, eg Descriptive Programming or Wrapper functions (with practice)
  • Introduction Frameworks

What prior knowledge do you need?

General knowledge of testing and programming is desirable.

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is suitable for anyone who is directly involved with test automation. For testers and tool engineers it is a thorough introduction to the operation of the tool. For business analysts and scrum masters, it is an indispensable insight into the challenge and organization of test automation. For managers and product owners, it is a hands-on introduction to an essential part of the core business and offers many tools for facilitating test automation.

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