Practitioner in Agile Quality (PAQ)

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1.895 (ex. VAT)
Training speaking language
English on request (training language)
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Training duration
3 days (training duration)
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English (material language)
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12 (max. per lecturer)

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Practitioner in Agile Quality (PAQ) including exam

Agile software development enables organizations to respond faster and with more confidence to changes in the market. Agile working means that products and services can be brought to market faster, allowing companies to add value for their customers more quickly.

The Practitioner in Agile Quality training takes the participant into agile practice, with an emphasis on the most important competencies for working in high performance agile teams.

What will you learn?

The Practitioner in Agile Quality training focuses on different competences that contribute to successful working in Agile teams:

  • Agile mindset: Putting into practice soft skills of the Agile Manifesto and agile principles;
  • Fast delivery: Supply optimization through the implementation of efficient and effective practices;
  • Quality Built-In: Implement team activities to ensure quality goals are met throughout the product lifecycle;
  • Engineering principles: Develop “first time right”, with as much value as possible through repeatable, verifiable and adaptable processes, with as little “technical debt” as possible;
  • Continuous testing: Continuous development and testing, whereby during each iteration the product is tested against the “definition of done”;
  • Scalability: Identifying additional risks and changes needed to effectively scale processes based on team size and / or distribution.

What are you going to do?

The training takes three days. Day 1 consists of an introduction, followed by the “engineering principles”, a practical exercise, “fast delivery” and a sprint practical exercise. On day 2, the following components are covered: planning, continuous testing, built-in quality, sprint practical exercise and a practice exam. Finally, on day 3 “debt and test-driven development”, “agile mindset”, sprint practice and “scalability” are discussed. Day three ends with a practical exam.

What prior knowledge do you need?

This is a practical training. The participant is expected to have knowledge and / or experience in the following areas:

  • Basic knowledge of Agile / Scrum
  • Basic knowledge of test terminology
  • Knowledge of test design techniques, including limit value analysis, decision tables, etc.
  • Understanding the difference between functional and non-functional testing

Can you take the exam?

After the training you can take an exam. The exam of € 400.00 is part of the course price. Any discount does not apply to exam costs. If you want to order a re-exam, you can do so here.

Who is this training suitable for?

This training is ideal for anyone with a test role who want to deepen their knowledge of the Agile way of working.

Can I help you?

Jasper van den udenhout
Manager Sogeti Academy
Phone number: +31 88 660 6650