Chain testing

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Chain testing

Chains of information systems and business processes associated with them are becoming longer and more complex. This is mainly due to the relationships with the information systems of external parties. This trend will continue in the coming years. Long and complex chains are very expensive to maintain. The risk is that they have to compromise on quality, resulting in unmanageable projects with unpredictable results, management costs that have gotten out of control and a dramatic time to market. These chains must therefore be properly tested. During this training, the participant learns to carry out a chain test that is as complete as possible with as few test cases as possible.

What will you learn?

During this training you learn to limit yourself to test cases that test the functioning of the entire chain. The following topics are covered:

  • What is chain testing and what are the differences between chain testing and other test forms?
  • What are the go / no go details in chain testing?
  • How can you specify and carry out a chain test?
  • How do you prepare an end-to-end chaintest plan?
  • Which test techniques, test infrastructure and tools can you use?

What are you going to do?

By making assignments it becomes clear how a chain test should be carried out. The focus is on end-to-end test preparation, specification and execution.

Who is the training suitable for?

This training is suitable for anyone with a test role who wants to acquire knowledge of chain testing.


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