The art of Prompt Crafting

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Presentation - The art of Prompt Crafting


Become a prompt champion

During the presentation, we will first define what we mean by "prompts." Maybe you've never heard of it before, and now it's popping up everywhere. In essence, a prompt is the information you provide to ChatGPT in order to get the desired response. Whether you're asking for job search tips or looking for inspiration on a new project, crafting effective prompts is essential to get the most out of this AI tool.

Context = key

When using ChatGPT without providing any context, it strives to provide the best possible answer based on the available data. However, determining what qualifies as the "best possible answer" can vary depending on the situation. 

Crafting AI prompts like a pro

To achieve exceptional results with your prompts, apply these expert techniques and leverage the CRAFTING AI prompts framework that Jeroen Egelmeers has developed. This framework has yielded success for both the participants and himself, demonstrating its effectiveness in generating remarkable results.

The CRAFTING AI prompts Framework is designed to empower users to effectively utilize ChatGPT for various writing and engagement tasks while ensuring ethical and responsible use. It consists of three essential components: CRAFT, ING, and AI. Let's explore each component in detail:

CRAFT: The crafting phase focuses on providing specific details and context to enhance the quality of responses. By formulating prompts in natural language, ChatGPT better understands intentions, context, and nuances, resulting in a more conversational and human-like interaction. Additionally, specify writing style, roles to be played, format requirements, and task objectives to guide ChatGPT accurately.

ING: The validation phase promotes interactive dialogue and incorporates legal, security, and privacy considerations. By encouraging back-and-forth exchanges, refining queries, and collaborating with ChatGPT, you ensure that the generated responses align with ethical and responsible practices. By being mindful of non-disclosure agreements, data security, and privacy guidelines, your prompts maintain compliance, protect sensitive information, and establish clear goals. This approach enables you to derive meaningful insights while upholding confidentiality and achieving desired outcomes.

AI: The enhancement phase emphasizes staying proactive and embracing new possibilities. Adapt your approach by validating responses, making necessary adjustments, and refining prompts based on initial results. By continuously improving your prompts, you maximize the potential of AI tools and generate the best possible outcomes.

During the presentation, you will delve further into the framework!

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