TMAP® in the world of Quality Engineering

In an environment where deployment is done frequently, quality engineering presents some challenges. In the training courses below you will learn how to deal with this.

TMAP®: Quality Engineering courses

In today's IT world, cross-functional teams are expected to quickly deliver business value with the right quality. This requires high-performance IT delivery models such as DevOps and Scrum, which can be extended to a hybrid IT delivery model such as the SAFe® framework.

TMAP® supports this way of working with built-in quality that goes beyond testing alone.

These TMAP training courses are based on the book "Quality for DevOps teams" and the TMAP body-of-knowledge on

Certification training

The new TMAP certification scheme, which was introduced in 2020, is tailored to the needs of three target groups. The image below shows the certifications and indicates that the first training lays the foundation for the other two certifications.

TMAP Overview

TMAP®: Quality for cross-functional teams

The training “TMAP®: Quality for cross-functional teams” offers all people in a high-performance IT delivery team (such as DevOps or Scrum) the required knowledge and skills that are important for building quality into their IT system and to give confidence that the pursued business value can be delivered.

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TMAP®: High-performance quality engineering

Conducting QA and testing activities in an organization requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. The training “TMAP®: High-performance quality engineering” enables professionals to carry out these operational activities.

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TMAP®: Organizing built-in quality at scale

Organizing QA & testing requires orchestrating, planning, preparing and managing the activities. The training “TMAP®: Organizing built-in quality at scale” trains professionals responsible for this in the necessary knowledge and skills to enable teams to “take ownership of quality”.

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Exam training

Do you want to be well prepared for the exam? This can be done by following our exam training. During this training, the exam material is summarized again, you have plenty of space to ask your questions and take a practice exam. You can register below for the exam training.

TMAP: Quality for cross-functional teams

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TMAP: High-performance quality engineering

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TMAP: Organizing built-in quality at scale

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