Coaching on the job

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Coaching on the job

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Coaching on the job

A personal coach supports you in your work for a certain period.

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You have followed a training course and you are now starting to work with your obtained knowledge. Or you have previously purchased a service from Sogeti and want to implement a follow-up. Or you have tons of experience in your profession, and you are going to start a new learning process, whether the role is new to you or not.

Whatever situation applies to you, you will encounter issues whilst on the job. We offer support in the form of personal coaching.

The personal coach

Our coaches are highly experienced professionals with a broad knowledge of different trends, approaches and methods. One of the coaches will, together with you or a small team, determine which objectives you want to achieve. This can be done in a form where the coach supports you continuously in your work for a certain period. However, it is also possible to meet with the coach based on a mileage card principle. Each strip has a value of four hours. Depending on the travel time of the coach, it will take one or two strips at a time.

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